Premier Cracked Wheel Repair and Refurbishment Solutions

Encounters with potholes, road debris and curbs are an unfortunate reality on most roads. Cracked wheels can often result from these incidents, potentially putting drivers at risk. Our technicians at Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists are skilled at repairing all types of rim splits and cracks, restoring your alloy wheels to perfect condition.

Cracked Wheel and Rim Repair Services

Aluminum cracked wheel repair

Cracked wheels are an issue for both cosmetic and safety reasons. From a cosmetic point of view, cracks are unsightly and are likely to lead to corrosion. With cracks gradually expanding over time, the safety of your vehicle is a more pressing concern. The integrity of a cracked rim will be compromised and can cause tire, steering and suspension issues.

We initially inspect the wheels for all signs of cracks. Rims will only be repaired if they meet our strict safety protocols. After removing the wheel from the car, our experienced technicians use a welding or CNC machining process to fix the damaged area. The rim can then be sanded over to provide a smooth finish.

Our wheel repair services aim to repair any structural damage before completing all cosmetic improvements. We inspect the finished rim to ensure all signs of cracks are repaired and that the rim is safe. Finally, the wheel can be fitted and checked for balance. Alloy crack repair is a relatively quick process, but timescales may vary depending on the severity of the damage.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay in Fixing Cracked Rims

Cracked wheels are caused by impact. If the impact is too great for the tire to absorb, the wheel will bear the brunt of the force. Potholes are the most common reason for aluminum rim cracks, but accidents or road debris may also be to blame. Here are the main reasons to get your rims checked out immediately.

  • Rapid loss of air pressure
  • Steering issues
  • Crack expansion

Common Questions About Cracked Wheel Repairs

We recommend using a professional service. There is a potential for serious damage if the wheel is not fixed properly.

First, clean your wheels to remove any dirt from the rims. Next, you can inspect the wheels closely. Some wheels require curb rash repair, but a crack is usually a more serious issue.

Yes. Tires are deflated and removed during the repair. We then re-inflate them to their correct air pressure for safe driving.

Our Wheel Repair Specialists Provide a First-Class Experience

Even the smallest crack can cause a serious problem for drivers. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists are here to inspect and repair rims suffering from all kinds of cracks, dents and bends. Contact us today to find out how we can help. Search for a location closest to you and request a quote online.

The Alloy Wheel Repair Services You Need

When it comes to repairing alloy wheels, we know how to get the wheel repaired safely and quickly. If wheel remanufacturing is necessary, our nationwide centers offer free pick-up and delivery, with a 24-hour turnaround in most cases. From painting your rims to straightening a wheel, our team at Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists can help.

A technician performing an alloy wheel repair service
We fix wheel & rim damage such as scratched and/or bent alloy wheels and minor cracks. We can return many wheels to like-new.
Wheel Refinishing
Our team provides complete, off-the-car wheel refinishing for alloy wheels that are scratched, scraped or that have peeling paint.
Wheel Remanufacturing
For alloy wheels with extensive damage such as missing metal or rims with special finishes, wheel remanufacturing is the solution.
Wheel custom coloring example
Give your car or truck a new look with wheel custom coloring. Powder coating and wheel painting delivers “limited edition” results.