Most Common Causes of Wheel Damage

Causes of rim damage
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Why Do Rims Get Damaged?

The wheels on your car are vulnerable to damage from many sources. While hazardous potholes might cause immediate issues, other more subtle causes still require the assistance of wheel repair services. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists fix wheels in locations across the United States, and fully understand the potential problems you should be aware of.

The Main Causes of Wheel Damage


Striking a pothole might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about rim damage. Potholes can be found on roads in most cities and towns, and can cause serious wheel damage to unsuspecting drivers. The impact and angle at which your wheels hit a pothole influence how much damage is delivered. Whenever you hit a significant pothole you should inspect your vehicle.

Curb Damage

Curb damage causes problems that vary in severity. A slight brush with a curb during parking might seem insignificant, but you could discover an unsightly scratch or scuff mark on your rim or rims. Similarly, parking too close to the curb may cause damage as you turn the wheels to exit.

Road Debris

Roads contain all manner of debris that could mark or even bend your wheels. Objects and various materials in your path can be incredibly dangerous, and direct hits can have serious consequences. In some cases, wheel straightening might be required to repair bends.

Brake Dust

Applying the brakes leads to deposits of fine brake dust on your alloy wheels. As this brake dust accumulates it can damage the finish, possibly leading to corrosion. Regular cleaning can prevent damage, but you may need to refinish the wheels if the issue is extensive.

Flat Tires

Many people continue to drive with a flat or underinflated tire, but this causes significant risk to your wheels. While a tire cushions your rims from damage, a flat tire compromises this barrier – you may end up with bent wheel. If you get a flat tire, pull over as soon as safely possible.

Cleaning Products

Wheels gradually get covered with dust, dirt and grease. Cleaning products are an effective way to keep your rims clean, but they can also cause gradual corrosion. Try to avoid general purpose cleaning products and choose those products designed specifically for alloy wheels.

Salted Roads

Salted roads are a welcome sight on a winter road, but they can cause many problems for your wheels. Salt deposits on your rims will slowly cause corrosion, causing scuffs and marks and even weaken the durability of the wheels.

We Fix All Types of Wheel Damage

Have your wheels suffered damage? Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists will repair all types of wheel damage, ensuring high-quality and safe results. We are located across the United States. Find the location closest to you and request a free wheel quote.

The Alloy Wheel Repair Services You Need

When it comes to repairing alloy wheels, we know how to get the wheel repaired safely and quickly. If wheel remanufacturing is necessary, our nationwide centers offer free pick-up and delivery, with a 24-hour turnaround in most cases. From painting your rims to straightening a wheel, our team at Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists can help.

A technician performing an alloy wheel repair service
We fix wheel & rim damage such as scratched and/or bent alloy wheels and minor cracks. We can return many wheels to like-new.
Wheel Refinishing
Our team provides complete, off-the-car wheel refinishing for alloy wheels that are scratched, scraped or that have peeling paint.
Wheel Remanufacturing
For alloy wheels with extensive damage such as missing metal or rims with special finishes, wheel remanufacturing is the solution.
Wheel custom coloring example
Give your car or truck a new look with wheel custom coloring. Powder coating and wheel painting delivers “limited edition” results.