Professional Wheel Custom Coloring – The Finest Rim Painting & Powder Coating

Let us customize your wheels with high-quality finishes in the colors of your choice.

Customized Alloy Wheel Painting Services From a Location Near You

Restore your wheels to their original condition or choose a customized look that stands out from the crowd. Our technicians have the expertise to upgrade your vehicle with sleek and durable rim designs.

Wheel Custom Coloring

Our Commitment to Excellence

Most paint and powder coating issues occur due to poor quality of finish. These issues often stem from a lack of prepping and cleaning – that’s exactly why our approach demands attention to the finest detail.

The pros at Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists are dedicated to providing the finest wheel coloring service to our customers.
We guarantee a high-quality finish that meets the vision and expectations of our customers.
Technician applying wheel paint

Wheel Coloring Takes Your Vehicle to the Next Level

Most wheels go through a lot over the years. Potholes, curbs, dirt and debris all take a toll on alloy rims. Wheel coloring will give your rims a new lease on life and make an instant impression, too – all at an affordable cost.

What Are the Main Benefits of Custom Coloring?

Custom wheel coloring adds aesthetic appeal
Aesthetic Appeal
Custom coloring gives your wheels a fresh look that catches the eye. Our technicians work with a number of finishes, and all clients can choose from a wide palette of colors. You can update an old design with custom colored wheel paint.
Add value with wheel custom coloring
Add Value

Rims are one of the first things a prospective buyer sees. New wheel paint or powder coating gives a good first impression, indicating the car or truck has been well cared for. Subsequently, the resale value could increase.

Wheel paint is an affordable option
Buying new wheels is not cheap these days, and vehicle owners are reluctant to invest unless absolutely necessary. A wheel color change creates the same impact at a fraction of the cost, with endless possibilities for customization.
Add protection with wheel powder coating
Added Protection

Rims pick up damage from bad road conditions, dirt and daily scuffs to the surface. Chips, cracks and other damage will lead to gradual wheel corrosion. Powder coating and clear coating provide a protective barrier against the elements.

Complete coverage with wheel powder coating
Complete Coverage
A high-quality paint or powder coating job ensures the wheel has complete coverage. This coverage improves the appearance of the wheel, while also protecting the rim itself. Our expert technicians guarantee a flawless outcome.

There Is No Limit to the Design Options With Custom Wheel Coloring

Rim wheel paint and powder coating provide many stylish design choices to accentuate your wheels.

  • Add a secondary accent color
  • Leave some visible wheel texture
  • Choose an eye-catching gunmetal look
  • Color match your wheels to your vehicle
  • Opt for a gloss, satin or matte finish
Custom Wheel Paint Coloring Examples