Auto Dealerships

There are several ways auto dealerships partner with us. Through on-site repairs for Pre-owned inventory. By implementing a customer pay program to upsell wheel repair an custom coloring through the Service Drive. By selling our tire & wheel service and custom coloring plans in F&I. Severe damage repair pickup and delivery service through Collision. 

Our locations provide daily dedicated service at your location in our self-powered, climate-controlled mobile repair units. Our technicians work whether rain or shine!   

Collision Shops

Don't wait for replacement wheels. Our on-site wheel refinishing and straightening service dramatically reduces costs and cycle times. Repairs are completed with day service.

With our wheel remanufacturing service we provide free pick up and delivery of wheels that have severe damage, are missing metal or have special CNC and polished finishes - 24-hour turnaround. We work with most major insurance companies. 


Auto Auctions

Our mobile repair units are perfect for the high-volume repairs required at auto auctions. Our two-room workshops have the capacity to repair multiple wheels at one time. Every unit is self-powered and climate-controlled with the ability to deliver quality cosmetic wheel repair whether rain or shine. On-site wheel straightening is also included with our onboard wheel straightening system.

We currently provide daily dedicated wheel repair with major auction houses throughout the US.  

Tire Stores

Our on-site wheel refinishing, straightening is an excellent source of revenue for a variety of auto service providers. We partner with you to provide a no-cost solution for your customers who have wheel damage and would like or need on-site repair before tire mounting.

Our custom coloring service is a great way to upgrade a vehicle's appearance. Sell customization packages at the point of sale and earn significant profits.  


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