Wheel Refinishing

Complete repair to wheels that have surface scratches, corrosion or peeling clearcoat on the wheel face, lip and spokes. 

Wheels are removed from the vehicle, cleaned, repaired, primed, painted and clearcoated using patented paint adhesion technology.

OEM-approved paint is color matched to every wheel prior to repair. 

Wheel Straightening

Complete and safe straightening repair to wheels that are bent or out-of-round in the front or back barrel.

Wheels are removed from the vehicle, cleaned, inspected for cracks, and repaired using safe straightening processes.

Bends include: radial bends on the inboard and outboard flange, non-structural lateral bends, bends causing unsafe vibrations, and bends the cause air loss. 

Custom Coloring

Give your vehicle a whole new look with our custom coloring service. We'll take your wheels off your vehicle, remove your tires and paint or powder coat them to the color of your choice. 

Color options include flat or gloss black, hyper silver (gunmetal), solid colors, vehicle color matching, painted wheel pockets, and more. 

A perfect way to give your vehicle a "limited edition" look.

Wheel Remanufacturing Services

Our remanufacturing services is the preferred solution for wheels with extensive damage or wheels that have special finishes. 

Services include welding, CNC machining, powder coating, and vibratory polishing.

Repairs are completed in full wheel remanufacturing centers located throughout the US and Canada.    

Replacement Wheels

Wheels that have severe damage or deemed unsafe to repair can be replaced with our inventory of replacement wheels.

We have access to thousands of wheels from new and hard to find makes and models.


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