Wheel Refinishing

Wheels scraped, gouged, scratched or in need of a new look? Our patented refinishing process can restore them to look like NEW. Our professionally trained technician will repair, prime, paint and clear-coated utilizing patent #6,347,444 paint adhesion technology. The paint is color matched for all foreign and domestic cars. We use the same high quality paint products used by the manufacturer. Most wheel repairs can be completed on-site in our Mobile Reconditioning Facility. Total time required to repair the average wheel is about one hour. Some finishes require powder coating or machining, which takes extra time.

Wheel Straightening

Bent or out of round wheels cause vibrations that can damage your vehicle's steering, suspension system and tires. We have the solution! Uncorrected vibrations will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. We use a safe and effective patented process (US Patent # 7,334,449) that is ISO 9001 certified and tested to SAE Standards. We restore most bent wheels back to balanceable trueness in one hour or less.

Wheel Remanufacturing

Wheels too damaged or worn to be repaired on-site can be repaired at our state of the art remanufacturing shops or we can replace them from our vast stockpile of wheels. Cracked wheels can be repaired at our remanufacturing plant. If cracks are too severe, or there are too many we have access to thousands of OEM remanufactured wheels.

Recolored Alloy Wheels

Would you like to give your alloy wheels a facelift? Now you can! Your local Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist can change the color of YOUR alloy wheels. Our specialists have a variety of color options including our 5 stock colors: hyper silver, graphite, flat black, gloss black, and white. We can also paint your wheels to match the paint code of your vehicle! Click here to learn more about this unique process.

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